3 reasons why your mum deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day…

It’s the best and worst job in the world, and it’s something mothers do day-in-day-out without batting an eye.

Mother’s day is the perfect time to reflect on the ways in which your own mum, grandma, sister, partner or friend has made an impact on your life. It’s also a time to profusely apologise for breaking prized possessions (sorry about that vase mum!), faking sick days to get out of school and never eating the healthy lunches she prepared. What better way to spoil that special lady than making her look and feel 100% gorgeous with a trip to her favourite beauty salon.

Team BB scoured the web to discover the top 3 reasons why beauty treatments will always be the best gift this Mother’s Day…

A well deserved break

Not often do mother’s make time for themselves… between the school-yard pick up and drop off (no mean feat!), work, the endless extra-curricular activities for the kids, the sibling mediation sessions, meal preparation and chores galore it’s no wonder mums find it hard to squeeze in their monthly visit to the beauty salon. Help your mum relax and restore with a gorgeous Pamper Treat including a Skin Analysis with Skin Scanner, 30 Minute Massage and 30 Minute ASI Results Facial.

The chance to feel pampered

There’s no better feeling than the feeling of being totally pampered. Walking into a beautiful salon knowing it’s all about you brings a wave of utter relief. What’s more - walking out looking younger feels even better! Your mum deserves the chance to feel like the queen she is with a Glowing Radiance treatment aimed at giving your mum a gorgeously revitalised complexion. For only $99 treat her to a Skin Analysis with Skin Scanner, 60 Minute Facial and Pro Peel. Elle MacPherson eat your heart out - her skin will look positively radiant!

GIve Mum gorgeous flutter lashes this Mother's Day
GIve Mum gorgeous flutter lashes this Mother’s Day

Look and feel totally gorgeous

All women love to look and feel gorgeous. Feeling like a million dollars gives us ladies an unimaginable confidence boost. Just like Marilyn Monroe always said, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. At Brazilian Beauty we know… give a girl the right brows and she can conquer the universe! Our exclusive Eyes to Die For package will reveal the gorgeous goddess in your mum with a deluxe Brow Sculpture, Lash and Brow Tint, Full set Eyelash Extensions

This Mother’s Day, it’s time to forget the carnations and treat your mum to something she’ll really cherish. Give your mum something she really wants with a relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing visit to her nearest Brazilian Beauty salon. If you play your cards right, you’re bound to be the favourite - even though she’ll never tell!